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This competition has been archived.

Tuesday 21st March

Gfinity Hearthstone Premium 2017 Ruleset

This competition is using the Standard mode within Hearthstone


The format is Conquest. To read how Conquest works check Section 2 of our rule set. When you register to the Cup you comply with this format and recognize that you understand how the format works.

The conquest format allows each player 4 picks and 1 ban, and uses an external site. Please go to http://sectorone.eu/deckselect/ to ban and pick your decks.

Please be aware that you may only have one deck per class. Ensure that you only have one deck per class before the Cup to avoid disqualification.

1 General

1.1 The Gfinity Cup is on the EUROPE server and can be played by anyone in the world as long as they have an EUROPE account.

1.2 The Gfinity cup is a weekly tournament with £150 as a prize pot. This prize pot is split in the form of £100 / £50.

1.3 All players must be online on the site so they can be reached by an Admin.

1.4 All admins will have (Admin) or (Moderator) next to their name when typing in the chat. These are the only admins unless stated otherwise by someone with the tag (Admin).

1.5 All players must own a genuine copy of Hearthstone through Battle.net.

1.6 All players who check in to the Gfinity cup agrees and confirms that they have read and comply with all rules on the Gfinity site.

1.7 Every player is required to list their Hearthstone EU Battletag on their profile. This has to be in the form of SeriouslyCrunchy#2783 for example [This means name#number]. The account that is listed must be the players own account and the one they are using in the tournament. Players are not to list their Battlenet emails and this will result in the player not being eligible to play.

1.8 If a player changes his game account, this must be prior to the start of the tournament via the ticket system. Changing your ID mid-tournament or playing with an ID different to the one on your profile will result in disqualification.

1.9 By registering for the Gfinity Hearthstone cup, you agree that your Battle.net game account is visible to third parties.

2 Competition Guidelines

2.1 A player has 15 minutes to add their opponent on Battle.net. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

2.2 The tournament is a single elimination Bo5 matches throughout, with 4 picks and one ban each.

2.3 Each player in the Bo5 series may only have one deck for each class.

2.4 How to start a match.

  1. Ensure you only have one deck per class before you enter the challenge screen.
  2. Enter the challenge screen. You may not leave the challenge screen at this point.
  3. Go to http://sectorone.eu/deckselect/ to pick and ban your classes.
  4. If there is an issue with the site, choose your classes in the format ABBAABBA, where player A is the player at the top of the bracket fixture. Player A then chooses a class to ban first.
  5. Exchange screenshots of your deck selection screen.
  6. If there is a discrepancy in your opponents deck selection screen (i.e multiple decks per class) please contact an admin immediately. The player with multiple decks may face disqualification.
  7. Start the match.


2.5 Players who leave the challenge screen after the Bo5 series has started will face disqualification.

2.6 Players may edit decks between opponents. For clarification, when Player A has started a best of 5 series vs Player B he may not edit his decks.

2.7 The Bo5 series will be played using the Conquest format. The format is explained as follows:

  • All matches will be Best-of-5, with 4 picks and 1 ban for each player. The first player to win 3 games within the match is considered the winner of the match and advances.
  • Players are to have 4 decks prepared each, each class cannot have more than 1 deck.
  • A player must win one game with each of his three unbanned decks to win the match.
  • When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match.
  • The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.

2.8 If a player misclicks the class they select, they immediately forfeit that game. For example, if the score is 1-1 and player A misclicks his class, player B now has a 2-1 lead.

3 Match Specific

3.1 If in the case of a draw [where both players HP falls to 0 at the exact same time] then the game will be rematched with the exact same 2 decks.

3.2 If a player disconnects and is not able to reconnect to the game, the disconnect will be treated as a loss for the one who lost the connection unless both participants agree to play a rematch. A player must wait at least two minutes in the game to allow for his opponent to reconnect and continue if both players agree.

3.3 If a game is to be rematched, both players are to use the same decks that they used in the game they are rematching.

3.4 In order to communicate and contact your opponents. Please add the opposing players battle.net ID which you can find on your opponents Gfinity profile [For clarity, hover your mouse over the Battlenet icon on a players profile to see the opponents battle.net ID]. Also please check the chat room in the bottom right of the website for your opponents.

3.5 If a bug takes place, both players are to take a screenshot immediately and then leave the game. As soon as this is done contact an admin immediately.

4 Reporting Scores

4.1 All players are to screenshot every single match and should keep them until the tournament has ended. Screenshots should also be taken of any other relevant proof in case of a dispute. Please ensure the timestamp is 100% clear in any screenshots, and please make sure you upload evidence to gyazo/tinypic straight away so admins can use the upload time to support your claim, in addition admins may request gif files as proof, for instance when showing you have added a user to friends list

4.2 To report a no-show enter a 3-0 win.

4.3 Both teams must report the Match results within 10 minutes of its completion.

4.4 To report the Match results, teams must report the Match Score accurately, with overall games won being reported. For example, the Match Score can be reported as 3-0, 3-1, etc. Reporting the individual points for each game is optional.

4.5 How do I report scores?

To report scores for a competition:

Click 'Menu' located at the top of every page
Click 'My Results'
Locate the fixture you wish to report a score for
Enter result

4.6 The report score function will only display 15 minutes after the designated start time of the fixture.

4.7 Both teams must enter the result.

4.8 If two teams/players enter the result differently, a member of the Admin Team will be notified of the discrepancy and will intervene.

4.9 Teams/players found to be deliberately misentering results may face disciplinary action from the Admin Team

4.5 If a Match is not played, and neither team reports a No Show, awarding of the Match win will be decided by a Gfinity Staff member.

5 Conduct

5.1 All players are expected to uphold a level of respect and decency towards other players/participants and admins. Any form of abuse is taken seriously and we request players screenshot said abuse.

5.2 All participants in any Gfinity competition will be required to uphold to the highest standards and observe common sportsmanship. Racism will NOT be tolerated. If you are seen to be racist then you will have action taken against you. Being abusive in any way towards fellow players or admins will also result in disciplinary action.

5.3 Anyone who has been caught cheating in any Gfinity event may be suspended from all future Gfinity events. Gfinity Admins will review cases and players may be suspended for a period of not less than one month and is subject to review by Gfinity admins for readmission after that point. If a player is caught cheating in a Gfinity match, their team shall forfeit that game. Gfinity will not conduct witch-hunts to try and find cheat violations against players.

5.4 Watching an opponents stream or watching a live broadcast of your own game is strictly forbidden, this includes listening to as well.

5.5 Gfinity reserves the right to remove a player at their discretion based on previous bans or outstanding bans from other tournaments.

5.6 If a player is found to be cheating and/or using illegal customization in any Gfinity match the score will be overturned and the player permanently banned.

5.7 If a player is found to be using an alternative account to circumvent a ban, any matches on any team that he/she has played in the last 30 days will be overturned.

5.8 Consequences for players behaving in a manner considered by admins to be abusive, glitching, modding, cheating, unsporting, or who in any way conduct themselves in a manner not befitting the competition, will be subject to the following minimum sanctions:

a. First offence, player warned.
b. Second offence, 1-month suspension for the player/players involved.
c. In the event of the same or another player from the same team stepping out of line, the team will be warned and players suspended for a further 3 months.
d. Any further offences will result in the team being permanently removed from the competition.

6 Prizes

6.1 All results and final placements are verified by Gfinity staff before prizes are awarded.

6.2 If one or more players are found to have broken any rules then the entire team will forfeit their prize.

6.3 We aim to credit prize money to your wallet within 7 days of the completion of the respective competition. However, this may take up to 7-10 days to process after withdrawal from the wallet.

7 Gfinity Staff

7.1 Gfinity Staff can be contacted to answer any questions or solve any problems your team may have during a Match.

7.2 If a Gfinity Staff member is called into a Custom Games Lobby, players must keep the Gfinity Staff member un-muted at all times.

7.3 Verbal and/or written abuse of a Gfinity Staff member will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: Forum Posts, Private Messages, and Steam Messages. The individual user and/or team violating this rule will be subject to penalties. All team leaders are responsible for the conduct of the players on the team while interacting with Gfinity Staff and are subject to penalties if a team member becomes abusive towards Gfinity Staff.

7.4 Gfinity Staff members have the discretion to make necessary calls to ensure the match is completed successfully. When in a match, the Gfinity Staff member's call is final and must be followed. Failure to do so will result in penalties for your team.

8 Miscellaneous

8.1 The rules are open to many different interpretations. The only interpretation, which matters, is the interpretation of the Admin team. We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, and any other change deemed necessary by the league. You must understand that the rules listed are guidelines to try and ensure fair and competitive play, and they will be applied by officials based on the spirit of the game. Teams should check the rules prior to any event to ensure they are in compliance. They should also keep an eye on the website as changes will be announced on the website. You must be familiar with the current rule set.