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Buy your tickets for the Halo Championship Series London 2018

Buy your tickets for the Halo Championship Series London 2018

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The Halo Championship Series returns once again to London, as the Gfinity Esports Arena hosts a $135,000 tournament on the 14th-16th September 2018!

Earlybird spectator passes are just £15 if you buy before August 3rd.

It’s been some time since we’ve last saw international teams deploy onto European soil with 8 rosters from North America, Latin America and Australasia entering the Championship Bracket; alongside 4 European squads. 32 teams will also battle it out for the remaining 4 pool play spots that are up for grabs.

There’s also an opportunity for everyone to channel their inner Spartan, as the Free-For-All tournament returns with a $5,000 prize pool.


HCS London 2018 will be the first official global open event featuring a 4v4 and FFA tournament.

The 4v4 tournament will run across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and feature a 32 team open double elimination bracket and a 16-team group stage that will both lead to a championship bracket. The 16-team group stage will consist of 12 invited teams and 4-teams advancing from the open bracket to join them.

Teams placements from the group stage will determine where they begin play in the championship bracket. From there we will find our winners. The FFA tournament will be on Saturday and available to all spectators and any players knocked out of the open bracket in the 4v4 tournament.


$135K Total

Breakdown TBC

$5k Total

Winner: $2,000
2nd place: $1,250
3rd place: $750
4th place: $500
5th place: $300
6th place: $200


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet some of Halo’s top talent, as well as the amazing community behind it all and they’re all under one roof!

Don't miss out and get your tickets today!


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