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Challenger Series Week 1 Leaderboards

Challenger Series Week 1 Leaderboards

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Season 1 of Challenger Series is officially underway. Week 1 saw over 5,000 Contenders and Competitors do battle for cash and glory across 32 cups, over 5 days, for a massive combined prize pool of £4,475. Overtime goals were dunked, fighters got bodied, bombsites got rushed and the G-points started to stack up. At the end of the season - the players with the most G-Points will be eligible for the Elite Draft and potential eSports stardom. 
Rocket League week 1 saw an early Penta Sports vs Mock-It rivalry develop with the two teams meeting in several cup finals. A big Sunday cup win for the confusingly named, Team !&#¤, ensured leaderboard spots for Sniperkid138 and MummiSnow… for the time being!
In Street Fighter V a dominating lead was cruelly snatched away from infexious (2 wins in 4 cups) when swagskheletor fought off Jeramie_Lee for the BIG Sunday prize-pot! Play is set to really heat up from this week with the inclusion of PC players - just link your Capcom Fighters ID and you’re good to go.
CS:GO saw Gfinity veterans, Ryloni, enter the fray and clinch the top 5 spots with consistent top 32 placements and a win on Wednesday. PixelFire are hot on their heels however - narrowly missing out to Ryloni in Wednesday’s final.


The top 10’s are currently so close that a few high finishes this week could take you from 100 to 1 instantly. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today.
Stop Dreaming. Start Playing.
Gfinity Challenger Series - Leaderboards Week 1
Gfinity Challenger Series - Leaderboards Week 1

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