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Challenger Series Week 6 Leaderboards

Challenger Series Week 6 Leaderboards

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Challenger Series Week 6 Leaderboards: A consolidation of power 

Season 1 overtime continues for another week and the intense power struggles are starting to feel like an episode of House of Cards (with less politically-driven murder, we hope). We’ve had our beady eyes on you, Challengers, and so have our friends over at HP who scouted and rewarded some standout CS:GO players (shouts to RJMinshull, dc4123 and the other players who impressed us) on Monday’s Challenger Day
In other news: we’ll be dropping into the big cup finals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to capture your sickest plays and nastiest fails every week - so keep it locked to the Gfinity socials and see if you make our highlight reels! 
Spreadsheets at the ready - it’s time for the weekly deep dive into the movers and shakers for Challenger Series: week 6…
Kicking off with Rocket League (pun intended): check out this majestic highlight reel from Monday’s final between PENTA and FireWall - poetry in motion!

As far as the leaderboards go - Alex161 makes it an unprecedented 3 weeks at the top spot! Deevo explodes into 5th place from seemingly nowhere - a quick look at the stats show that he has reached the final in every one of his 6 Challenger appearances. Also a good week for team MockIt with KayDop leaping up from 5th to 2nd.
The Street Fighter board has been as dramatic as ever. Atrosh extends his lead over Infexious with a 2nd place finish in the big Sunday cup. Broski explodes up the rankings with semi-final and final placements on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (that’s dedication!). MrMadDamage takes a big win on Sunday and makes a welcome return to the top 10.
In CS:GO a HUGE push from the $uicideboy$ leaves madGOD, DEADMAUS and Bare within striking distance of the top spot. In all of their appearances they have only failed to reach the final on 2 occasions. Could this be the week that Fines is finally toppled from the #1 position? Here’s hoping for a "Cztery razy po 2 razy" vs $uicideboy$ final in one of this week’s cups!  
GG WP to all Challengers - see you next week!

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