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CWL Summer Masters: Group B Prediction

CWL Summer Masters: Group B Prediction

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As the Black Ops 3 season nears its climax at CoD XP, we head into the Gfinity CWL Summer Masters.

Group B looks to be more of a straightforward affair compared to Group A. Infused, Exertus, Wysix and Team RivaL will compete for the top two seeds in the group to make it into the knockout phase. Let's take a look at Group B.


MarkyB | Zer0 | Peatie | Urban

After a top six finish at MLG Anaheim and securing the second seed for the Call of Duty World League Stage 2 Finals, Infused are the heavy favorites of Group B. The combination of their chemistry and experience strongly suggests that we will see Infused move on into the knockout bracket as the top seed of their group.  

Player to Watch: Zer0

MarkyB at the Gfinity 100k
MarkyB at the Gfinity 100k

Exertus eSports

Desire | Dqvee | Vortex | Hawqeh

Narrowly missing out on a place at the Stage 2 Finals, Exertus have impressed many during their time in this season the CWL. Beating the likes of Epsilon and Splyce, the young squad should not be taken lightly. Keep an eye out for Vortex and Hawqeh, who have the ability to change the course of a game in the blink of an eye. 

Player to Watch: Dqvee


Kero | Chucky | KKirby | Gump

Making it through the online qualifiers are French team, Wysix. Having seen them play at ESWC earlier in the year, the squad can definitely compete with some of the very best teams in Europe. They went all the way to a game 5 against Infused and Vitality at ESWC, but can they go one better and beat some of the best in Europe?

Player to Watch: KKirby

Team RivaL

Amar | Torres | KraQz | Ersin

Team RivaL can easily make an impact in this group.  Both Torres and KraQz have a wealth of experience competing on the big stage and definitely have the potential to cause an upset in the group. Could they really make a challenge for the top spot in the group? We'll find out this weekend!

Player to Watch: Torres

Torres at Gfinity Spring Masters I
Torres at Gfinity Spring Masters I


1st -Infused 

2nd -Exertus eSports 

3rd -Wysix 

4th - Team RivaL

Group B looks to be the most straightforward of all the groups at the CWL Summer Masters. Personally, I believe Team Infused will secure the top seed very comfortably, thanks to their superior teamwork and chemistry.

The second seed will be a close battle between the remaining teams but I see Exertus making it out of the group due to their aggressive SMG players and pure slaying ability.

What do you think of my predictions? Let us know in the comments below! 

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