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Elite Series Season 3 - Fixtures Announced & Free Tickets Now Available!

Elite Series Season 3 - Fixtures Announced & Free Tickets Now Available!

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Season 3 of the Elite Series is almost here. Over eight weeks, ten teams will battle it out across FIFA18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V to win money, trophies and bragging rights. But who will be playing who, and how can you watch it live? Read on to find out...



As we previously announced, this season the Elite Series teams are split into two groups of five. Each team will play each other team in the same group once. The grouping of teams will be the same across all three games, so if your team is in Group A, they will be in Group A across FIFA, Rocket League and Street Fighter. We're happy to now be able to reveal the groups:

The brand new Elite Series group system

Group A Group B        
Hashtag United Unilad         
Vitality Epsilon         
Envy Fnatic          
exceL Method         
Nordavind Ares          

The first five weeks of the competition will be league play, with each team having four weeks of play and one bye week. This new smaller group format makes each game matter. Just a couple of wins could see any team rocket from last place to first! 

Whichever teams finishes 1st in a group will receive a bye through to the semi-finals. Meanwhile, the team that finishes 2nd in group A will play the team that finishes 3rd in group B, and vice versa. From there, we’re left with a standard knockout format that will continue until we crown a single winner in each game. This means that every quarter final match will be two teams that haven’t played each other yet - so teams will need to be watching the other group’s games closely in regular season. You never know who you’re going to be drawn against in the playoffs!

Full fixtures have now been published and are available on our events pages:





Friday night is now FIFA night as we kick off the weekend with four hours of football! Rocket League keeps its popular Saturday morning spot and Street Fighter moves to Saturday evenings to round out the week. FIFA Fridays, Rocket League Lunchtimes and Street Fighter Saturday - get it memorized! The season starts on Friday March 9th with FIFA, then Rocket League and Street Fighter V on Saturday March 10th!


Tickets are now available to all Elite Series events and, best of all, they're totally free! Head over to our events pages for full fixtures and grab tickets to any shows you choose:




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