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Gfinity Summer Masters I Recap and Results

Gfinity Summer Masters I Recap and Results

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The first Gfinity Summer Masters for Counter Strike: Global Offensive concluded this weekend, with 8 of the world’s best teams competing for a slice of the substantial $80,000 prize pool.  

With an abundance of talent from both the North American and European regions, it was set to be an amazing weekend of action, with a great host of talent to bring the experience to your screens.  

Final Standings 

1st: Team EnVyUs | Happy - shox - NBK - SmithZz – kioShiMa | $40,000

2nd: Ninjas in Pyjamas | GeT_RiGhT - f0rest - allu - Xizt – friberg | $20,000

3rd/4th: Team Dignitas | Pimp – aizy – Kjaerbye – MSL – Nico | $5,000

3rd/4th: mousesports | chrisJ – nex – Spiidi – denis – gob b | $5,000

5th/6th: Virtus.pro | TaZ - Neo - pasha - Snax - byali | $2,500

5th/6th: Titan | kennyS - Maniac - RpK - apEX - Ex6TenZ | $2,500

7th/8th: Cloud9 | n0thing - sgares - Skadoodle - Shroud – fREAKAZOiD | $2,500

7th/8th: SK Gaming | BERRY – Friis – AcilioN – tenzki - SandeN | $2,500 


Group A

In the opening matches for Group A, we had NiP face off against SK Gaming, while Titan took on Dignitas.

With NiP and Titan as strong favourites to make their way out of the group and SK Gaming in relatively unknown form, it was looking to be a fairly straightforward group. However Dignitas, who were considered by many to be the Dark Horse of the tournament, had different intentions, and aimed to prove that the team had improved as the year had progressed.

Match 1: NiP vs. SK Gaming (2-0);

A fairly expected result for the Swedish squad, dispatching SK with ease, despite going into overtime on the first map of Cobblestone at 22-19 and then being able to take Inferno fairly comfortably at 16-12.

SandeN from SK was the MVP on Cobblestone with a rating of 1.36 and Friberg was the MVP on Inferno with a rating of 1.56.

Match 2: Titan vs. Dignitas (0-2);

A lot of people considered this to be one of the more interesting matches of the tournament, with Dignitas still looking to prove themselves and Titan aiming to recover from their recent slump.

However, despite the uncertainty of the final result, Dignitas brought their A Game to the CS:GO Summer Masters I and it showed early on, with Dignitas winning the first map 16-10 on Mirage, as Aizy secured the MVP with a rating of 1.55.

Aizy continued his impressive form in the second map, Overpass with a rating of 1.39, as Dignitas put on another dominant performance, shutting out the series 16-7.

Titan at the CS:GO Summer Masters I
Titan at the CS:GO Summer Masters I


Group B

In the Group B matches for Friday we had mousesports taking on Virtus.pro and Cloud9 taking on Team EnVyUs. VP and EnVyUs were strong favourites to win this group, with most of the community placing little hope on mousesports or Cloud9.

Match 1: Virtus.pro vs. mousesports (0-2);

A very unexpected result here and another major upset in the group stage, VP have been playing well recently having finished 2nd in the last Gfinity Masters and also performing decently online, while mousesports has been unproven on LAN.

However mousesports managed to reiterate their roles as one of the best squads in Europe, defeating VP on the first map of Cobblestone 22-20 with NEO having the highest match rating of 1.30, before them on Cache 16-5 with ChrisJ holding a rating of 1.72.

Match 2:  Cloud9 vs. Team EnVyUs (1-2);

An expected result here, however, initially, there was a little concern for the BoysInBlue as they saw themselves trailing the series after an opening 19-16 defeat on Train, with Skadoodle dropping a massive 35 frags and a rating of 1.48.

The following map would be Inferno, with EnVyUs crushing C9 16-2 with Happy and kioShiMa dominating, with respective ratings of 1.92 and 1.89.

Unfortunately, despite Shrouds best efforts, 30 frags with a rating of 1.58, nV would then continue their form and take Cache 16-12. 

Cloud9 at the CS:GO Summer Masters I
Cloud9 at the CS:GO Summer Masters I


Saturday was an extremely important day for the participating teams, as it decided who was going home and who would be progressing into the single elimination playoffs.

With NiP, Dignitas, mousesports and EnVyUs having already won their opening matches yesterday they were seeded into the upper bracket, needing a sole win to secure their qualification. 


Group A

Upper Bracket Match: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Team Dignitas (2-1);

Following a strong opening showing from Dignitas, many expected a fairly back and forth series between the two teams. However, a poor opening performance saw Dignitas lose Cache 16-4 with f0rest being securing the MVP slot, with a match rating of 1.59.

Dignitas were able to gain a foothold in the series, defeating NiP 16-9, on what proved to be one of their strongest maps, Mirage, with Pimp dropping 1.63 MVP rating.

The decider of this series was Inferno and NiP where able to close out the series 2-1 with Allu top fragging with a rating of 1.51.

Following this loss, Dignitas would have to face off against either Titan or SK to secure their place in playoffs.

Lower Bracket Match: Titan vs. SK Gaming (2-0);

Despite Titan’s disappointing performance on Friday, they were able to hold it together and secure a fairly comfortable victory in this match.

The first map was Overpass, which Titan dominated 16-5, with the infamous KennyS going into ‘god mode’ with a match rating of 2.03.

Cache was a closer contest, with the final score ending 16-13, however, SK were unable to mount a comeback, and they were eliminated from the summer masters having still earned $2,500 for their efforts.

Decider Match: Titan vs. Team Dignitas (1-2);

A rematch from the group stages, Titan were looking to extract their revenge on Dignitas, following their 2-0 loss on Friday

The first map to be played in this series was Mirage with Dignitas beating them once again. However, admittedly, it was a much closer affair this time around, with KennyS securing the MVP award with a 1.45 match rating, despite losing 16-13.

With elimination on the line, Titan were not prepared to exit the competition with a 0-2 defeat, as they tied up the series 1-1, following a 16-8 win on Cobblestone.

With the final map selected as Cache, Dignitas dispatched Titan in quick fashion, crushing them 16-2 with Pimp having a monster game with a rating of 2.38, with Aizy narrowly behind with a rating of 1.92. 

Team Dignitas at the CS:GO Summer Masters I
Team Dignitas at the CS:GO Summer Masters I

Group B

Upper Bracket Match: Team EnVyUs vs. mousesports (2-1)

A close series between nV and mouz, nV were able to continue their dominance on Dust2 dispatching mouz 16-6 with Shox securing the MVP with a rating of 1.60. 

mouz were able to keep the series alive, winning Cache 16-12, despite another impressive MVP worthy performance from Shox. 

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be for the German side, as nV were able to beat them on the 3rd map, Cobblestone, 16-9, with NBK nearly dropping the 30 bomb with a rating of 1.62.

Lower Bracket Match: Virtus.pro vs. Cloud9 (2-0)

Another fairly expected result here, although, C9 did possess the chance to secure a map if they got the right picks.

The first map, Overpass, was a fairly close affair, with VP winning 16-13 and Byali being awarded MVP with a rating of 1.51.

On the second map, however, it was a different story with VP overcoming C9 with ease, as Snax secured the MVP award with a 1.58 rating, following a dominant 16-5 victory.

Decider Match: mousesports vs. Virtus.pro (2-1)

Following their dominant performance over Cloud 9, VP looked favourite to secure the final spot within the playoff bracket. However, wildcards mousesports, were keen to once again, upset the balance of nature.

The opening map was Dust2 and in a close series VP was able to edge it 19-15, despite the best efforts of Nex who was awarded MVP with a rating of 1.51.

mousesports were able to even things up on Mirage in another close game, finishing 16-13 with Nex once again being the top rated player with a rating of 1.43.

The final map between these two teams came down to Train and with both teams all-square, one should be surprised upon discovering the final map came down to double overtime, with mousesports prevailing 22-20, as they shockingly eliminated VP from the competition.  

Taz of  Virtus.pro at the CS:GO Summer Masters I
Taz of Virtus.pro at the CS:GO Summer Masters I

Championship Sunday

In the playoffs we had NiP taking on mousesports and then Team EnVyUs taking on Team Dignitas. With Dignitas hitting career peak form and mousesports also looking like a tough contender, nothing was for certain. 

Semi-final 1: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. mousesports (2-0);

As mousesports continued their Cinderella story, they seemed to unfazed by any competition that stood between them and the Gfinity CS:GO Summer Masters I crown.

However, despite their initial impressive form, the world renowned roster of NiP had no intention of falling victim to another mousesports upsets, and they secured an early 1-0 lead in the series, following a narrow 16-13 victory on Train, despite both Denis and ChrisJ holding the first and second best ratings with 1.33 and 1.27 respectively.

With mousesports wounded after an agonising defeat, NiP showed no mercy, as they steamrolled the second map, Dust2, 16-2, with f0rest dropping an impressive 2.02 match rating.

Semi-Final 2: Team Dignitas vs. Team EnVyUs (1-2)

Undoubtedly, the most intense matchup of the weekend, Dignitas vs EnVyUs was the back and forth series CS:GO fans around the world live for.

The first map to be played was Dust2, which some would consider as an upset, as Dignitas managed to secure the map 16-8, after a fairly convincing performance.

The next map was extremely tense, with several incredible plays from both teams taking the contest to overtime. However, EnVyUs were able to keep the series alive with the aid of 1.45 MVP performance from kioShiMa, as nV secured Overpass 19-15.

With both teams level, we headed to Cache for the final map. Despite their best efforts, Dignitas were unable to halt the force of the BoysInBlue and EnVyUs were able to take it comfortably 16-7 with Happy being awarded MVP with a rating of 1.53. 

Grand-Final: Team EnVyUs vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (3-0)

This final by all accounts, was a bit of a domination by EnVyUs, who were considered heavy favourites, despite a shaky performance against Dignitas.

To kick things off we had Dust2, which is a pick that favours nV as they have proven themselves on this map time after time, and unsurprisingly, it was no different this time round as nV dispatched NiP 16-10.

The next map to be played was Inferno, a map which both teams consider themselves to be strong on. However, unexpectedly, NiP were completely overrun, as Shox carried his team to a 16-4 victory, with another impressive 1.94 match rating.

The third and final map of the series was Cache and it just wasn’t meant to be for the Swedish side who lost 16-9, as kioShiMa secured the final MVP award, with a rating of 1.26 and Team EnVyUs obtained their second CSMasters crown, along with a substantial $40,000. 

Your CS:GO Summer Master I Champions - Team EnVyUs
Your CS:GO Summer Master I Champions - Team EnVyUs

Thanks to HLTV.org for providing the player ratings.

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