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Did you watch the last season of Gfinity Elite Series and think to yourself, 'I could do that'? Did you sit back after the enthralling Rocket League final and say 'that's where I want to be'? Would the epic shutout in the Street Fighter V final have gone differently if you’d been on the opposing side?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, keep reading. The Gfinity Challenger Series was made for players just like you.


What is the Gfinity Challenger Series?

Good question. The Challenger Series is an open platform for players to compete online with tiers for all skill levels. Whether you're a casual player looking to have some fun and find out where you stack up against players worldwide or an aspiring professional looking for that big break into top-level esports competition, the Challenger Series is for you.

If you're in the latter category, when we say the Challenger Series offers a direct route to the highest level of esports competition, we mean it. The top players at the end of each Challenger Series are entered into the Draft for the next Elite Series season. Each Elite Series team is mandated to draft at least two players per game from the Challenger Series each season. You have every chance to break through and make your name in professional esports with some of the most prestigious teams in the world! If you've ever aspired to play for a team like FNATIC, Team Envy or Epsilon Gaming, now is your chance.


How Do I Sign Up?

Easy peasy:


  1. First up, visit challenger.gfinityesports.com.

  2. Next, click 'Sign Up For The Series’ and create a Gfinity account. Add a username, password, email, the usual stuff.

  1. Congratulations, you're in! Head to your Account Settings hub to fill out your profile, add social media links, and so on.

  2. The next phase is to link your game accounts to your Gfinity profile – e.g. PSN, Capcom Fighters Network ID, XBL etc. Simply click 'Game Accounts' from your Account Settings screen to do this.

  1. Now head to your My Teams page. This is the hub for creating and managing your Gfinity Challenger Team. Here you can manage what teams you are in, what teams you own, and stats for your players and teammates.

  1. Ready to start playing? Look over on the left hand side, and click 'Tournaments' for the games you want to play. From there, see what tournaments are available to enter and get cracking!

  2. Find a cup you want to enter and click the Join Tournament button! Contender cups are for newer players while Competitor cups are for seasoned experts.

  1. Take a note of the check-in time and make sure you’re online when you need to be! From there, you’ll see who you’ll be playing against and when. The rest is up to you!


How Does It Work?

Once you start competing, you'll begin to earn G-Points for each tournament you place well in. The tournaments are split into two categories: Contender tournaments are for newer players with less experience in the online scene and thus pay less prize money and G-Points, whereas Competitor tournaments are for the more experienced folks looking to prove themselves as the best of the best – the standard is higher and much tougher, but the rewards far more lucrative.

As you accrue more G-Points, you'll move up our leaderboards. If you make it into the Top 30 by the time the Challenger Series ends, you'll automatically move into the talent pool for the Elite Series Draft, and earn a chance to be drafted into one of the ten Elite Series teams for the upcoming season.

So that's how easy it is to get competing in the Challenger Series. The format is simple, the rewards potentially life-changing. Fancy yourself as the next Boltstrike? Sign yourself up and start playing – your time is now.

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