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Introducing Street Fighter V to the Gfinity Elite Series

Introducing Street Fighter V to the Gfinity Elite Series

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Introducing Street Fighter V to the Gfinity Elite Series

Following the launch of the Gfinity Elite Series, we’re delighted to reveal the details of the second title to join the new dynamic professional competition, alongside Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

For the first time in history, Gfinity will welcome the fighting game community onto its platform, as Street Fighter V joins the Gfinity Elite Series.

Players will take to the streets of Metro City to trade Lightning Kicks and Double Lariats for the opportunity to build their profile, climb the rankings and, if they’ve got the skills, have the chance to be drafted by a Pro team. 

In announcing the news, Matt Edwards, Community and eSports Manager, Capcom said; “The UK is home to a very strong and expanding Street Fighter V competitive scene with vibrant communities in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Leicester to name a few. This makes our new partnership with Gfinity even more exciting. It gives aspiring Street Fighter V players an all new league to rise up and compete with the best.

Whether you’re playing for fun against other gamers or starting your journey towards a career in eSports, it’s simple. The more you win, the more G-Points you earn, the higher you climb in the rankings. This is an opportunity for Elite Series Pro Teams to identify upcoming talent.

The Gfinity Challenger Series is your path to becoming an eSports pro gamer. 

Your legacy awaits! Sign up to Street Fighter V on the Gfinity Challenger Series for free and you could be drafted by a Pro team!

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