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League of Legends Pro "ocelote" Retires

League of Legends Pro "ocelote" Retires

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League of Legends star, Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez Santiago has announced his retirement as a professional player. The popular eSports gamer is now choosing to shift focus on the business side of his team, Gamers 2.

Before his competitive time with LoL, Santiago enjoyed a career as a World of Warcraft professional player. During his pro League of Legends career, Santiago created a name for himself through his iconic vocal and occasional ‘toxic’ attitude, in addition to his exceptional talent and unrivalled passion. Members of the LoL community most likely recognize him for his time as star mid laner of SK Gaming.

In a YouTube video released by Santiago, he officially announces his retirement from competitive gaming and thanks his loyal fan base for their continuous support over his eight year career.

For those seeking a more in-depth explanation, Santiago also refers his viewers to a ‘Reflections’ video interview with renowned eSports historian, Duncan “Thorin” Shields. Within the interview, Santiago explains how he started to lose his competitive passion towards LoL and the League Championship Series format, while stating he was unhappy living in Cologne.

However, upon the conclusion of his video, Santiago reassures his fans that he is currently happy with his decision and hopes to spend more time streaming.  

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