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This is a relatively basic guide to try and make host booting slightly harder it also covers how to change your IP on VIRGIN MEDIA.
Booters find your IP's from either Skype or XBOX Live so we would strongly advise emptying your XBOX LIVE Friends list and always appearing offline.


Step 1 - Install the Latest version of Skype via HELP > UPDATE or HERE
Step 2 - Launch Skype But do not Sign in
Step 3 - Tools > Connection Options
Step 4 - Change Automatic Proxy Detection to SOCKS5
Step 5 - In the Host box -
Step 6 - In the Port Box - 1080
Step 7 - Disable Enable Proxy Authentication
Step 9 - Skype Menu Quit skype
Step 10 - Make sure you quit skype and now restart it
Step 11 - Once connected go to Tools Menu > Options > Advanced > Connections
Step 12 - Tick the box "allow direct connections to your contacts only"
Step 13 - Clear your contacts list of anyone you dont trust.
Virgin Media How to Change IP
A lot of people who get host booted appear to be on Virgin Media and unable to change their IP, However the view that VirginMedia provide static IP's is false.

To change your IP on virgin media you need to change the Superhub to Modem mode and plug it directly into your PC/Laptop/Xbox.
Everytime you plug a new NIC card with a new MAC address you will be given a new IP.

A guide to change your Superhub into Modem mode can be found HERE