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Building a Tournament

  • In BYOT what is the difference between the cups, leagues and ladders?

    A Cup is a knockout competition. Each player/team will have an allocated first round fixture; once all of those have been entered and any disputes resolved you will be able to advance the round and all the winners will have a second round fixture and so on.

    In a league, every player/team will play every other team. You can choose whether each will play the others once or twice in the league. Wins are set at 3 points, draws at 1 point and losses at 0 points. All fixtures will be set as soon as the league has started; once all fixtures have been played and all disputes resolved, the winner will be the player with the most points.

    In a ladder, all players/teams may play as much as they like by creating or accepting ‘challenges’. A challenge specifies a time and format for match; once it has been accepted it will be set up as a fixture in BYOT fixtures. Participants all start on 1000 points and gain or lose points by winning or losing matches; those on higher points are then ranked higher in the ladder. Beating an opponent who is higher ranked than you will give you more points than beating someone lower ranked than you. Similarly, losing to someone lower ranked than you will lose you more points than loser to someone higher ranked than you.

  • What is the difference between a Team and an Individual tournament?

    For a team tournament, you and any other participants will be asked to associate one of their Gfinity teams with that tournament. All admin and fixtures will still need to be managed by the team owner as these will only appear within their profile; however participants will be able to view the profiles and contact all team members of entered teams.

  • What is the difference between an Invite Only and an Open Tournament?

    In an Invite-Only tournament, you will invite users from the Gfinity database to enter your tournament and it will only ever be visible to those that you invite. Invites are always done on a user basis, even for team tournaments as the user will select which of their teams to enter. Once you have selected the participants for your tournament, they will need to accept or reject the invites. You are able to invite or withdraw invitations later on, so long as the tournament has not yet started.

    An Open tournament is opened up the whole Gfinity userbase. This means that during the inviting stage, all information about the tournament can be viewed by anyone on the Xbox One app. Anyone can enter a team or tournament, though the tournament owner can choose to ‘Kick’ any participant that they do not wish to be part of the tournament.

  • What does Other mean in the games list?

    We intend to constantly update our BYOT games list for those games in which we already run our own tournaments so that you can use our professionally created rules templates. We have created the ‘Other’ option so that you can build your own tournament in any game you like. We have even created some generic rules templates to get you started. Just be sure to describe the details of the game in title and in the rules and get started in a cup, league or ladder for any game you want.

  • What should I put in the rules section?

    This is totally up to you. We want you to be able to design your tournament whichever way you like. You can choose to go for one of Gfinity rule templates based off our professional esports tournaments, you can edit those templates to add your own twists and specifics or you can clear them and start from scratch.

    We’d strongly recommend putting any logistical requirements (such as timing of rounds) at the top of your rules to give you the best chance of running a smooth tournament.

  • What should I name my tournament?

    Whatever you want to name it! Although if you’re rude, we’ll block out the naughty bits for the benefit of other users. We would recommend you name it something as distinct as possible to make sure that people recognise it. For Open tournaments, something descriptive will greatly increase your chances of drawing people in and if you are creating a tournament in an ‘Other’ game then always put the name of the game in the title.

Getting Started

  • What is Gfinity?

    Gfinity is a leading global eSports tournament organiser and broadcaster based in the UK. Built by gamers, for gamers our online tournament platform Gfinity.net has been running the best professionally administered online tournaments for a large international community of competitive and casual gamers.

  • What can I do on the Gfinity Xbox App?

    The Gfinity Xbox App is all about putting you in control of your competitive gaming by giving you the opportunity to build your Gfinity gaming profile, build teams, enter and manage your participation in our tournaments and most importantly, to build and run your very own tournaments all directly on your Xbox One.

  • What's a Gfinity profile?

    This is where you will have your profile info, picture, teams, wallet and all your previous placements so you can see yourself carving your way to gaming stardom. You can find other teams and players to follow and other players can follow you.

  • What about teams?

    Time to gather the comrades who will be with you through the highs and lows of your journey to esports stardom. In the Gfinity App for Xbox One you will be able to create new teams, manage your existing ones and accept or reject invites to other people’s teams. Just go into My Gfinity and navigate to the right, you will find your existing teams listed along with a create team button.

  • How do I enter a Gfinity tournament?

    By tabbing right from the home page of the app, you can find a list of our featured tournaments on Xbox One. If you are looking for something in particular, select the Games tile on the front page, then select the game you would like to find tournaments for. Here you will find all of our available tournaments.

    To enter a tournament, simply select the Register button and choose which team and participants you would like to enter. The first player you select in the team will be designated as the captain. Make sure to check, the minimum number of players for a team in the tournament and ensure that you have a team with at least that many players. Every Gfinity user is given a starter team which they are on, so if you want to enter a single player tournament you do not need to create a new team.

  • Ok, I've entered the tournament. What next?

    Make sure you have read all of the rules and information from the tournament details page.

    For a cup, you will need to check-in before the tournament begins. This will be available from 60 minutes before the cup start time up until 15 minutes before the start time. You will be able to find any check-ins and accept/reject them in the Fixtures tab on the Xbox One app. Any member of your team can accept the check-in.

    Once the check-in period is over and shortly following the start time of the cup, you will find your first fixture under the Fixtures tab. Use the user search function in the app to find your opponent and contact them to arrange your fixture.


    For a ladder, you get started whenever you are ready by either searching View Available challenges to accept another participants challenge or by creating your own challenge. Once a challenge is accepted it will become a fixture which you will be able to see in the Fixtures tab.

  • How do I enter a score?

    Fifteen minutes after the designated start time of your fixture, the fixture will move across into the ‘Submit Results’ column in the Fixtures section of the Xbox One app. To enter your score, select the fixture and enter your score from the dropdown menus.

    If both players have entered the same score, then this will be accepted and points allocated or rounds advanced accordingly. If there is a dispute over the score, then our admins will see the conflicted result. At this point we recommend you go to Gfinity.net to submit a support ticket with any supporting evidence.

Managing Your Tournament After Start

  • How closely should I manage my tournament?

    It’s up to you but we would suggest managing it very closely as the administration is entirely up to you. Contact all participants to make sure they know what is happening and regularly check in to see if there are any results conflicts or fixtures which should have been played already. In a cup, you will need to approve and advance each round.

  • Where can I find the fixtures of tournament participants?

    On the Tournament Details page, select View Fixtures. This will show you all open fixtures in the tournament. As the tournament owner, you will be able to enter the score for any fixture and this will be accepted as final.

  • How do I know if there is a result where only one user has entered a score?

    Any fixture in View Fixture which has a score entered but is still appearing has had one participant enter a score but not the other. In this situation it is worth contacting both participants. You will be able to enter an override any score.

  • What do I do if there is a conflict between the scores entered by two users?

    Any time that two participants enter different scores from each other, this will appear under View Conflicts on the Tournament Details page with both different entered scores. You will be able to accept and override the score for these fixtures. We recommend contacting the participants for any score conflicts and providing a means for users to submit evidence to you.

  • How do I advance the rounds in a cup?

    Once you have resolved results conflicts and all scores have been entered, you can select ‘Advance Round’ to move on the cup to the next round.

  • If I want to run the same tournament again, do I need to build it from scratch?

    No! Once your tournament has finished you can just select Restart tournament to run the same tournament with the same players. At the moment if you want to edit the details or participants, you will have to start again from scratch.

Managing Your Tournament Before Start

  • Where do I find my tournament?

    If you are the tournament owner, the best place to find your created tournaments is to select the Build Your Own Tournament tile on the homepage where you will find a list of your created tournaments. You will also be able to find them by selecting the My Tournaments tile on the Tournaments tab. If you have created an open tournament, you will also find it listed be selecting the Open Tournaments tile whilst the tournament is still in ‘Inviting’ state and has not yet started. 

  • What does the tournament information mean?

    On the tournament details page you will find the participants, invites, current state, max players and rules of the tournament. As an owner or participant, you will be have various options according to the current state of the tournament.

    The State of the tournament tells you what stage your tournament is currently at. This can be either:

    -          Inviting: The tournament has not yet started and changes can still be made to participants. You will be able to see pending and accepted invites.

    -          In Progress: Once the tournament has started, you will able to see and manage fixtures and conflicts and advance rounds of a cup. You can abandon the tournament at any time.

    -          Finished: The tournament has finished and you will, be able to either Restart it or delete it

    Participants are those user who have already entered the tournament, for a team tournament these will show team profiles. Pending invites shows those who have been invited but not yet accepted, this will always show users as the users have not yet selected a team for the tournament.

  • Can I change the participants?

    You can remove players and invite new players whilst the tournament is still in an Inviting state. To remove a player, select their avatar on the tournament details page and select Kick Player. Once the tournament has started, you will no longer be able to do this.

  • How do I start my tournament?

    To start a tournament, select the ‘Play’ button after there are at least three participants who have entered through the Open Tournaments or Accepted Invites. Make sure you are happy before pressing Start as you will not be able to stop the tournament without abandoning it once you have started it. An invite tournament will start automatically once the Max number of players have accepted an invite.

  • I made a mistake and no longer want to run my tournament, what should I do?

    You can select Abandon Tournament at any time, though be sure you want to do this before selecting it as the tournament will be deleted and you will have to start from scratch. If the tournament has already started, we recommend contacting the other participants before doing this. Once your tournament has finished, you can delete it or restart it.

Playing in a BYOT

  • Who is in charge of this tournament?

    If you were invited, that will be the user who invited you. Otherwise, it will be the first participant on the tournament details page. The tournament owner is the most important person in any tournament, the have full administrative responsibility over their own tournament and all disputes should go through them. If you are taking part in a tournament, we encourage tournament owners to contact all participants; you will be able to message the tournament owner by selecting their profile on the tournament details page.

  • How do I find tournaments to enter?

    There are two ways. You can be invited to a tournament, in which case the invite can be found in the message centre in My Gfinity. You can also find Open Tournaments but navigating to the Tournaments tab from the home page and selecting Open Tournaments. You can enter any tournament in Open Tournaments, though the tournament owner has the ability to remove you from the tournament before it starts if they do not want you to participate.

  • Where can I find the tournaments I am currently entered in?

    Navigate to the Tournaments tab from the Home page then select ‘My Tournaments’ to see all active BYOT (and Gfinity) tournaments that you are currently registered in.

  • How do I create a challenge in a ladder?

    On the tournament details page, select View Fixtures. Here you will be able to view open challenges, see your own currently open challenges and create a new challenge. Select a date and time that you know you can play at before creating a challenge; once you have created a challenge, check in regularly on your fixture to see if it has been accepted. Once the fixture is created, the score can be entered at any time but contact your opponent to arrange your fixture.

  • How do I find a ladder fixture after a challenge has been accepted?

    Once a challenge has been accepted, it will appear in the My Fixtures section of both participants.

  • Who do I go to with a score dispute?

    All score and match disputes in a BYOT tournament should be taken to the tournament owner. Gfinity admin and support will not be able to resolve BYOT disputes.

  • Who do I go to with a technical issue?

    If you are unsure of how to do something in the app or if you are encountering a bug or technical issue, you can either email xboxsupport@gfinity.net or submit a ticket at Gfinity.net.


  • Where do I go to for support during a BYOT tournament?

    For match, logistical and results support; go straight to the tournament owner. For technical support, submit a ticket at Gfinity.net or email xboxsupport@gfinity.net

  • Where do I go to for support during a Gfinity tournament?

    For any issues with a Gfinity tournament, please email xboxsupport@gfinity.net or submit a ticket at Gfinity.net.

  • How do I prove my point in a match dispute?

    We recommend you always keep evidence of your match scores through screenshots or video capture so that our admins can resolve any disputes easily. We recommend the same for BYOT tournaments, though any evidence requirements can be dealt with directly by the tournament owner.

  • I'm looking to cash out on my winnings, where do I go to do that?

    You can do this by logging in at Gfinity.net and going to My Wallet on the profile menu.

  • I want to upgrade to enter your premium tournaments, how can I do that?

    Please go to Gfinity.net and log in to your profile. At the bottom of the profile menu, you will find your Upgrade Options; look forward to even better competitions as a premium member of Gfinity!