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Gfinity FIFA Series January - Group Stage Recap

The Gfinity FIFA Series January kicked-off on Saturday and there were several unexpected results and eliminations in the group stage! The Group Stage consisted of 16 players from both platforms, competing in a traditional Swiss format. In the Swiss format,competitors are paired using a set of rules designed to ensure they play opponents with an identical record. Let’s look back at how the action played out in day one of the tournament…

Gfinity FIFA Series January - Dark Horses

We’ve already covered some of the favourites for the Gfinity FIFA Series, but what about the players who’ll be looking to cause an upset? Plenty of FIFA players in the past have risen from relative obscurity to claim the title, and it would take a FIFA fan of curt memory to forget the shock F2Tekkz caused when he won the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona. Initially dismissed as a freak result, the win gave him a platform to become arguably the best player in the world, and so with a keen eye we look at some of the players who’ll be hoping to make a name for themselves this weekend.