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The Top 5 FIFA 18 Matches Of Elite Series Season 3

Time for a hot take for you: Season 3 of the Gfinity Elite Series was pretty exciting, wasn't it? Stating the obvious perhaps, but it bears repeating. When we went to break down the top 5 matches and moments from the season, we were spoiled for choice on both counts. There's no way we could narrow it down that much, so instead we're going to break down the best matches and most spectacular moments for EACH Elite Series tournament from Season 3: FIFA 18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. Between all the popoffs, amazing goals, jaw-dropping KOs and show-stopping performances, these lists will still be far from easy for us to compile. But let's give it a crack anyway, shall we?

Gfinity Elite Series - The Last Word: Award Winners!

The dust has finally settled on Gfinity Elite Series Season 3. It's taken a while. And we kinda miss it already. Anyone ready for Season 4 to start tomorrow? For now, it's time to look back across the season just gone – starting off today with our End of Season Awards that were handed out on Thursday evening's The Last Word show. As put forward by our panel of expert casters and as voted for by you the fans, let's have a look at all our award winners and the best moments on their respective highlight reels.

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